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The Hotel-Restaurant All'Orso has a large garden that offers a spectacular view of the park alongside the river where you can stroll in complete relax. The outside garden has porches that make it an ideal place to welcome our Guests and have them enjoy a good aperitif before dinner or, when the weather conditions are appropriate, plan marvelous outside receptions.


During receptions, the presence of children is certainly a very important element that deserves particular care.

The company of children is always a joy that enriches any occasion, but it can sometimes occur that they become bored if they do not find an environment that stimulates their interests and passions.

From this point of view, a restaurant with an amusement park is the ideal place to organize family receptions.
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Via G. D'Annunzio, 138
31030 Biancade di Roncade - Italy
Tel: +39.0422.849173 (4 linee r.a.)
Cell. +39 334 6742775
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