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Treviso and surroundings

Treviso is a territory that surprises, a place you can easily get attached to.
The “Marca Trevigiana” is where Cima from Conegliano, Giorgione, Antonio Canova and more recently Arturo Marini, Guido Rossi and Giovanni Barbisan were born and they left vigorous marks of their presence. Palladio worked here and conceived and achieved some of the most important mansions of Veneto, works of architectural art of all times.

There is evidence of faith and religious culture that are expressed through imposing churches with cycles of fresco, abbeys, sanctuaries and parish churches that are spread a little bit everywhere, the oratories in the countryside and in the plains that are often very old.
The “Marca” territory has incomparable historical centers, true art cities, small towns surrounded by walls, villages with typical houses made with stones, impressive castles and patrician mansions.
But the “Marca Trevigiana” is not only about history, but also about nature, landscapes and views which - within a few dozens of kilometers - connect the PreAlps to the Laguna in Venice.

Water, rich and widespread, made this territory fertile, giving it prestigious cultivations like its fruits and vegetables such as the red “radicchio”. Such a prodigious nature inspired the local cuisine, that amalgamating the tastes of tradition with intelligent innovative capacity.
The”Marca Trevigiana” also has incomparable hills that offer a big variety of activities in the nature.
You can visit the province of Treviso during any season, thanks to it mixture of history and nature in fascinating scenarios that change constantly.
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